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SIT Journal of Management
A Bi-Annual Double-Blind
Peer Reviewed Refereed Open
Access National e-Journal

Guidelines for Authors

SITJM is a peer-reviewed online journal. SITJM welcomes original papers from both academicians and practioners on management, business, and organizational issues. Papers, based on theoretical or empirical research experience, should illustrate the practical applicability and/or policy implications of work described.

The double blind peer review prossess is done in the following manner:
a. The review is conducted by experts on the subject.
b. The review is independent and blind, wherein the authors’ names are not revealed to the reviewers and vice-versa.
c. The review provides for constructive feedback to authors.
d. The authors are then expected to make revisions to satisfy the reviewer concerns


Title of the Research Work, Author Name (1), Author Name (2), Author Name (3) … Author Name (n), Abstract with Key Notes

1. Introduction
2. Review of Literature/Theoretical Background of the Study
3. Research Objectives/Research Questions/Hypotheses
4. Methodology
5. Analysis and Interpretation
6. Recommendations/Suggestions/Findings
7. Reference (Preferably, APA Style)
8. Future Work reference

Book Reviews: Cover reviews of current books on management. All tables, charts, and graphs should be in color. Wherever necessary, the source should be indicated at the bottom. Number and complexity of exhibits should be as low as possible. Endnotes, italics, and quotation marks should be kept to the minimum.

Case Writing: Management cases may be based on the information directly collected from an organization or publicly available data and information (such as from internet, business magazines, business reports, in-house magazines etc.).

A case submitted to SITJM must be well-researched and documented and must present a realistic view of the organization’s problems/actions/decisions. The quality of cases will be evaluated based on the following features:
• Identification of significant problems/situations/issues/processes
• Adequacy and quality of information and data
• Realism and effectiveness (narrative cases without any analytical content are not encouraged)
• Completeness, complexity, and focus
• Illustration of ideas, concepts, processes, etc.
• Citation of secondary sources
• Organization, readability, and style of presentation

The Author/s should send the soft copy to